The Deadly Combination

Communist – Islamist – Antisemitic.

Terms, leading unavoidably to death, to destruction, especially when put together. The undisputed Master in refining these arts, in covering them up behind religious hypocrisy and peace initiatives, is the Muslim Brotherhood (Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun), together with it’s numerous offshoot branches.
One of the most famous, rather infamous, of these branches is the Hamas, founded in Gaza to lead the Jihad against Jews, against real muslims, against everyone not in line with the political aims of the Brotherhood. There is no mistake left regarding these aims, in the charter of the Hamas.

Hamas Charter

Free Palestine from all infidels, reject all kinds of peace initiatives. Hamas is only hostile to those who stand in its way in order to disturb its moves or to frustrate its efforts. Which, in general, means every human being, of any denomination. No one can better sum it up than Hamas: I will assault and kill, assault and kill, assault and kill.
For such quite obvious, blaring reasons, Hamas has been internationally designated a terrorist organisation.
Since then, the Muslim Brotherhood has been trying all means possible, to provide support to their brothers. The best means by far to obtain such help, is the old communist network, with virtually thousands of various institutions, all over the world. Many of them can easily be identified, by using by-words like peace or social or solidarity. Most of them, indeed, are more or less violently antisemitic anyway (which, today, politely is being called anti-zionist), thereby qualifying well in the eyes of the Brotherhood. So, a close association between communists and muslim brothers, with a sprinkle of national-socialists in between, was natural.
To the outside, Hamas is pictured as the poor brothers and sisters in refugee camps, trotten under by an oppressive Zionist regime. Hamas is pictured as legitimate, by pretending it had won “free” elections. Not mentioning, of course, the thousands of victims murdered by the Hamas. Not mentioning the despotic, brutal oppression of the Hamas regime in Gaza. Many millions of Euro are collected for the Hamas every year in Europe alone, by intensive campaining of numerous initiatives. The money is usually being transferred to Hamas offices disguised as social committees, like Al-Salah. The Muslim Brotherhood and it’s communist allies went even so far as to appeal to official European representatives, to withdraw the designation of “terrorist”.

Hamas Appeal

Alas, the list of signataries did not leave the slightest doubt as to the political fields they come from. Even Georges Haddad shows up, one of the most brutal terrorists ever. He must have been very satisfied in signing up. All these names on the lists will have to be remembered very carefully. All and every one of these signataries openly support a terrorist organisation, support violence. All these people who declared their support are in favour of the Hamas‘ aims – to kill and to destroy.
One of the Austrian branches of the Muslim Brotherhood, the so-called “Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft”, even has been so kind to publish a great number of organisations, being in support of terrorists. No wonder it is that these same organisations usually show up in similar support of various other communist or islamistic matters, or participate in demonstrations against the democratic state, against the Jews, against the infidel.

Hamas Support IGGOe

The Initiative of muslimic Austrians, a communist sideline of the IGGOe headed by well-connected Tarafa Baghajati, did not want to be left out.

Hamas Support IMOe

Open calls for Hamas support frequently appeared during the last few years.  The free use of Palestine, being synonymous for Hamas, cannot cover up the real intentions for a second. Many of the signataries show up on several lists, leaving a significant impression.

A list naming supporters and taken from
has been removed for the time being.
The names will not be forgotten.

In Austria, as well as in other places in Europe, demonstrations provided good insights into the connected organisations. Several platforms were invented to appear as inconspicuous as possible.

Hamas Platform

For instance, the radical Dar-al-Janub would not suffer to be missed at the party.

Demo Dar-al-Janub

A few of the most stout supporters of the Hamas present themselves proudly

while the Hamas flag is equally omnipresent there.

Quite interesting is the list of supporters for Resistance in Iraq. They all would know well that such resistance in fact does mean bombs against innocent civilians, translated as mass murder. Among those people supporting terrorists and mass murderers, several people of teaching professions prominently catch attention. School teachers, in support of mass murder?

Iraqi Resistance Support

It is not really surprising that many of the supporters of the extreme leftist and antisemitic AIK are being found on other supporting lists as well. Truly following the ideological guideline – if it’s left and islamistic, then it has to merit support.

AIK Support

Free people will not sleep any better by disregarding such activities furthering hate, terrorism, and violence. Fully asleep are, however, the political authorities – for how long, it will be seen. If anyone may survive.



NOTE:  Several people complained about their names being contained in a list of supporters of terrorist activities. This list has been removed for the time being. The persons concerned are reminded, however, that the same list ist still being published by And did you complain there as well?
Names of terror supporters, who traditionally sign whatever lists are presented to them without thinking, will be published again, so they might be remembered by all and the World.


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