„KURIER“ in Schieflage

Österreichische Medien haben es schwer. Sie leiden unter parteipolitischem Einwirken. Kaum ein Journalist kommt zur Geltung, ohne entweder ein Parteibuch zu besitzen oder sich der Steuerung einer parteigesteuerten Redaktion zu unterwerfen.
Der KURIER ist keine Ausnahme. Längst verflossen sind die Zeiten, als der KURIER noch relativ unabhängig berichten durfte. Heute ist Anpassung gefragt, selbst um den Preis, manchmal regelrecht als Parteiorgan zu wirken. Read more of this post


Alien Hypocrisy

Mexico and 15 Other Countries Suing Alabama Over Immigration Law

Mexico and 15 other countries want to make sure their citizens are treated „fairly“ in the state of Alabama and have filed briefs with the Obama Justice Department law suit against the state for their new immigration law. The new law allows police officers to inquire about immigration status after an individual has committed a crime and also requires schools to inquire about legal status before children are able to enroll. Read more of this post

How to Deal with Terrorists ?

The world is largely oblivious to what’s going on in North Africa and the Middle East .
Following the original uprising in Tunisia, lame and blind politicians in the West missed all that happened after it. Carelessly they assumed that the riots and fights in Egypt, Libya, and Syria were of the same kind. Just people asking for more democracy, for more freedom. Not so. Read more of this post

A Sad Occurrence

Commandos killed in Afghanistan were fighting war few see.

KABUL, Afghanistan — The 30 U.S. troops killed when their Chinook helicopter was shot down Saturday in western Afghanistan — many of them Navy SEALs — were fighting a war rarely talked about.
They were not battling Afghanistan’s ingrained corruption, or building new roads or crafting nascent local governments. They were part of a group of elite troops that operate stealthily in the night and go after the U.S.’s most wanted targets of the war. Read more of this post