Double-faced Terrorists

With the exception of a number of political hardliners in the Western World, people know quite well already that the Muslim Brotherhood is the planet’s strongest and most sophisticated terror organization.
After long decades of bloody struggles, especially against islamic governments, the Muslim Brotherhood soared in 2011 to take over several states in Northern Africa. Tens of thousands of victims was the price of the Brotherhood’s home run to power.
One group of these victims is not well known, does not get much support from anywhere – the Copts in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to run out all other religions from Egypt, upon taking over government. So the Copts are in acute danger from these islamist fanatics. Already in the past many attacks occurred on Coptic churches and residential areas. Although the Brotherhood tried to disconnect itself from these violent attacks it is no secret at all that these attacks were planned and directed by Muslim brothers.
The ice cube melted quickly when the Muslim Brotherhood donned a fresh mask. On its ikhwanweb-site, a very pious statement was found:

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman and Executive Bureau member for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stated that the group has appointed youth from the MB nationwide to stand guard and protect the churches during the New Year’s Mass. “We have allotted groups to safeguard the churches in all of Egypt’s governorates in order that our brethren Copts attend Mass free from worry and protected”, he said.
The MB youth are experienced in organizing popular watches similar to the neighbourhood watches formed during the revolution and after Mubarak was toppled. They also participated in securing the polling stations during the March referendum and the first and second phases of the parliamentary elections, he pointed out.

Indeed, the MB youth is experienced in organizing. Death, destruction, and rioting, as watched so frequently these past months in Egypt. As shown with equal fervor in Syria.
Difficult it would be to find a more blatant deception. But, alas, in the field of deception, Muslim brothers are masters.



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