Is Obama Botching Egypt?

Rumsfeld Slams Handling of Crisis and War on Terror

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld slammed Obama’s handling of Egypt during an interview with “The people that we’ve sent there to deal with the problem have not done a particularly skillful job in my view. It’s unfortunate,” he said.
Rumsfeld also blasted the Obama Administration for not taking the threat of Islamist terror seriously and underestimating how long it will take to win the War on Terror. “This is much more like the Cold War. It’s going to last decades, not years, and it’s going to take perseverance and persistence on the part of the United States and we have to be realistic. And the administration is not realistic about it. They’re unwilling to even identify what the enemy is. They won’t even use the word Islamist,” he said.
The former defense secretary’s criticism comes as new indication emerge that Obama’s policies may be turning Egyptians against the United States. A report by Bill Gertz at the Washington Free Beacon noted that many of the Egyptians who backed Morsi’s removal now think the country should align with Russia.
Obama has delayed the delivery of F-16 fighters after Morsi’s removal, canceled the biannual BRIGHT STAR Exercise conducted with Egypt’s military, and his Administration has covertly backed the Moslem Brotherhood. Gertz’s report quoted an unidentified official as saying, “The administration, through a combination of ignorance, incompetence and support for the Islamists is reversing the strategy gains we made in Egypt.” Egypt has declared a month-long state of emergency in the wake of a violent crackdown that has killed at least 327 people.

(Harold Hutchison)


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