I’m thinking of writing an opera called “Why Michael Brown Deserved to Die.”

What do you think? Do you think if I write a thought-provoking, probingly-artistic contemporary opera on the subject of Michael Brown’s untimely shooting, it will be met with critical acclaim?
Maybe it will be performed by the New York Metropolitan Opera during its 2015 season, and will be described as “dialogue” on a difficult subject. Read more of this post


Die Zentrale der Extremisten

In Österreich geht eine sogenannte Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft um, die unter ihrem Dach den Großteil der extremistischen und terrornahen Gruppen und Grüppchen vereinigt. Bemerkenswert, aber wenig beachtet: Die Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft ist weder als Religionsgesellschaft anerkannt noch als Verein registriert. Read more of this post

Is Starbucks anti-semitic?

The global coffee company STARBUCKS released a statement this week to clarify apparent misconceptions about the company’s patronage of Israel, Huffington Post reports.
In a fact sheet updated August 5, Starbucks notes it does not support any political or religious causes, adding that neither Starbucks nor its CEO, Howard Schultz, provides any financial support to the Israeli government or Israeli military. Read more of this post