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We support, nevertheless, the interests of the University of Texas Longhoorns.
With one exception – we do not agree with Bill Powers’ disapproval of carrying weapons on campus.


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Dear Readers:
We regrettably have to announce the originator of this website (and of several others as well) has departed from this glorious planet after having suffered a stroke, at the age of only 54. The deceased will be sorely missed by his family and his team. His work will be upheld and continued.

4 Responses to Important

  1. I saw the document you guys posted about the 2007 Conference (DOC=Strebersdorf) in the posting from the Dutch (can you call Arab names Dutch technically?) on the list I see that the ones participating are part of the Hamas funding networks and not with the more political Muslim Brotherhood part. Amin (wrongly mentioned as Iman) Abu Rashed, Ibrahim Akkari and Rashad al-Baz are persons who were very active in the al-Aqsa Foundation in the Netherlands. (if would like me to help identify the guys just let me know…or if I can help with something else…I can use some help with the Muslim Brothers in Egypt).
    You can always answer in German (my typing in German is rusty but I read my daily portion of German news)

    Regard Ron

  2. Wenig erstaunt says:

    Gute Aufarbeitung:

  3. Longhoorn says:

    The timing of these reactions we noted with great interest. After all, the article including this list was online since April 1, 2011.

  4. Longhoorn says:

    We received these comments, and appreciate them as they shown recognition of our publications.
    The author has been contacted. He pointed out that the purpose of this particular list had been quite clearly described, as „Many of the signataries show up on several lists, leaving a significant impression”. The purpose of this one list had not been relevant since there are a number of similar lists, for different petitions. You should know better.
    It has not been denied by the writers that this particular list was taken from the website. Now, folks, if you look up this site you’ll find it is mainly about support for terrorist organizations in the Middle East. In case you really didn’t know: The AIK founded the “Gaza muss leben” initiative,and collected a lot of cash for their peaceful brothers in Gaza. If you dont want to be included – then why are you on this site in the first place?
    The author proposed you folks might declare that you were shown on the website by mistake. We do not expect hardliners like you to be sensible, though.

    Our offer: We’ll remove this list for the time being. It could well be, though, another article will throw some light onto all these people from the far left. Who are so careless to appear on an extremist site but afterwards, actually long afterwards, are very touchy when found out.

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