Obama Family Supports Terrorists

The Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) was established in 2008 by Abon’go Malik Obama, the half-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama. Abon’go, a Kenyan-born Muslim with twelve wives, created the foundation in memory of his (and President Obama’s) biological father, Barack H. Obama (1936-82) of Nyan’goma Kogelo village in Kenya. For details about Abon’go Malik Obama’s ties to radical Islamists, terrorists, and the late Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi see footnote #1 below.[1] Read more of this post


Egypt’s One Chance for Democracy

Only capable armed forces can check the violent proclivities of Islamic supremacism.

As Egypt began to implode, yet again, John Kerry inadvertently stumbled into something a lot closer to the truth than the delusional “Arab Spring” narrative that has guided Obama-administration policy. The secretary of state, tied in knots by congressional foolishness that mandates terminating U.S. aid when a foreign government is ousted by a coup d’état, Read more of this post

Older Boston Suspect Made Two Trips to Dagestan, Visited Radical Mosque, Officials Say

Two years ago, while visiting his family in the Russian region of Dagestan, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the prime suspect in last week’s Boston Marathon bombings, was flagged as a potential extremist by Russian security services. The only evidence they had were his regular visits to a mosque that gets more than its share of attention from police. Since its construction in 2000, Read more of this post

Is It Islamic or Islamist?

The West’s confusion spells trouble.

Now that even the tolerant, liberal Swedes have elected an anti-Islam party to their Parliament, it’s pretty clear that such controversies are mounting because both the left and the right are confused over the politics of Islam. The left is wrongly defending Islamism—an extremist and at times violent ideology—which it confuses with the common person’s Islam, while the right is often wrongly attacking the Muslim faith, which it confuses with Islamism. Western thinkers must begin to recognize the difference between Islamism and Islam, or we are headed toward an ideologically defined battle with one quarter of humanity. Read more of this post

Muslims vs. Islamists: Muslims believe in things; Islamists only oppose things

I am thankful to Mr. Umaru Abdulmutallab, the father of the failed Christmas day bomber. In late 2009, Mr. Abdulmutallab, a Muslim, approached U.S. authorities in his native Nigeria to warn them of his son’s slide into Islamist ideology. Mr. Abdulmutallab’s altruistic initiative is a case in point about the conflict between Muslims and Islamists.
While Islam is the faith of 1.4 billion people, Islamism is not a form of the Muslim faith or an expression of Muslim piety. Rather, it is a political ideology that strives to derive legitimacy from Islam. Islam and Islamism are not synonymous, and there is tension between the two, exemplified by the case of this Nigerian Muslim father turning in his Islamist son to the authorities. Read more of this post

AWOL soldier defiantly shouts ’09 suspect’s name

WACO, Texas (AP) – Coolly defiant, Pfc. Naser Abdo shouted „Nidal Hasan Fort Hood 2009!“ as he was led out of the courtroom Friday, an apparent homage to the suspect in the worst mass shooting ever on a U.S. military installation. He condemned the attack less than a year ago, but is now accused of trying to repeat it.
Investigators say Abdo, who cited his Muslim beliefs in requesting conscientious objector status last year, was found in a motel room three miles from Fort Hood’s main gate with a handgun, an article titled „Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom“ Read more of this post

Egypt’s Transition Emboldens Brotherhood

Much of the idealism and the promise of unity that emerged from the massive populist uprising that captivated Egypt and swept longtime President Hosni Mubarak from power in February seems to have been lost.
In the three months since, the Muslim Brotherhood – an Islamist movement that was banned under the previous regime – has grown more confident and has shed layers of its past façade, as it prepares for Egypt’s important parliamentary elections in September. Read more of this post

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Salafi pact puts Egyptian Christians in great danger

Well, here’s another dismal “unity” pact for you.
The Muslim Brotherhood has announced an electoral coalition with a host of Salafi groups in Egypt, under the banner of seeking an Islamic state. “It was the recent attacks on the Islamic groups that brought us together,” the Brotherhood’s lawyer Sobhi Saleh explained to an Egyptian newspaper on Tuesday.
Saleh’s newfound siege mentality is at odds with the confidence he displayed on Newsnight a few months back. A woman or a Christian, the Islamist attorney told Tim Whewell, could never be president of a post-Mubarak Egypt because Muslims constitute “95 per cent of the population” (not true) and this is the “same policy as in Greece, Spain and in England” (what’s the Arabic for “Iron Lady”?).

Read more of this post

Hizb ut-Tahrir in the UK

Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT), or the “Party of Liberation,” is a revolutionary Islamist party that is actively working in over forty countries worldwide to establish an expansionist state and, ultimately, a new world order based on Islamist principles. Like all Islamist groups—whether violent or non-violent—HT interprets Islam as a holistic socio-political system. HT’s ideology, which sanctions military coups and the mass killings of innocent peoples to achieve its desired political objectives, has helped inspire jihadist terrorism and bears crucial similarities to the doctrines of al-Qaeda and its affiliates. Read more of this post

Time to set the Chechen Free

There is an old saying about the fierce Chechen tribes who inhabit southern Russia’s Caucasus mountains: `Chechen cannot ever be defeated. They can only be killed.’
Chechen are Russia’s nemesis. Even the notoriously brutal Russian mafia fears the ferocious Chechen, and for good reason. Read more of this post