Why is Europe turning a blind eye to Islamic occupation ?

National and religious minorities in the Arab region have not been given independence or autonomy. They are still trying to overthrow their Arab-Muslim occupiers. Read more of this post


Obama meddling with Israeli Elections

U.S. Embassy Met With Group Trying to Influence Israeli Elections
State Department helped group of Arab-Israeli mayors get last-minute visas

Top officials at the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv met in late January with one of the main progressive groups working to tip the upcoming Israeli elections against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and helped facilitate the organization’s visit to the United States this week to learn political organizing techniques. Read more of this post

Israel issues travel warning for western Europe

In light of the return of many jihadists from fighting in Syria and Iraq to their home countries, counter-terrorism unit advises Israelis use caution when traveling abroad during High Holy Days.
Israelis and Jews in western Europe could be the target of terror attacks from global jihadists, the National Security Agency’s counter-terrorism unit said Monday, as it issued travel warning for Europe ahead of the High Holy Days. Read more of this post

Is Starbucks anti-semitic?

The global coffee company STARBUCKS released a statement this week to clarify apparent misconceptions about the company’s patronage of Israel, Huffington Post reports.
In a fact sheet updated August 5, Starbucks notes it does not support any political or religious causes, adding that neither Starbucks nor its CEO, Howard Schultz, provides any financial support to the Israeli government or Israeli military. Read more of this post

US, Israel lose voting rights at UNESCO over Palestinian row

Countries stopped paying dues after Palestinians made members.

PARIS – UNESCO has suspended the voting rights of the United States and Israel, two years after both countries stopped paying dues to the UN’s cultural arm in protest over its granting full membership to the Palestinians. Read more of this post

Rückkehr der Nazis

Macht Europa judenrein!
Kauft keine jüdischen Waren!
Boykottiert israelische Produkte! Read more of this post

Terra Incognita: The Turkish enigma

The cancellation of the participation of the »Mavi Marmara« in the Gaza flotilla and the mystery of what Turkey’s political elite is thinking.

Sometime this week, some 1,000 activists on one or two large Turkish ships accompanied by 15 other craft were to be making their way to Gaza. But they are nowhere on the horizon, although Israel has been preparing to prevent their breaking the blockade.
So what happened? Just a month ago, various »Free Gaza« blogs were ablaze with hopes for the latest flotilla. Gaza TV News and Freedomflotilla.eu both reported that the Turks were going to send not only the Mavi Marmara Read more of this post

ORF – die Propaganda-Maschine

Österreichischer Rundfunk Fernsehen. So nennt sich das Unternehmen, das in Österreich immer noch als öffentliche Anstalt verkauft wird, mit Bildungs- und Informationsauftrag. Das mit zwangsweise eingehobenen Zwangsbeiträgen künstlich am Leben erhalten wird. Lange vergessen ist das Rundfunk-Volksbegehren. Heute ist der ORF nur mehr eine teure Propaganda-Maschine, die das tägliche Geschehen so einfärbt und darstellt, wie es parteipolitisch vorgegeben wird. Read more of this post

Hamas’s Ideological Crisis

Despite its success as the first Muslim Brotherhood organization to control and govern territory, and in part because of that success, Hamas today is under significant stress. In the West Bank, Hamas faces a severe security crackdown that has driven the movement underground. And in Gaza, Hamas has been forced to choose between engaging in acts of violence or attempting to effectively govern the territory it took over by force of arms. The result is an acute ideological tension within Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, which has been forced to suspend the resistance for which it is named and by which it defines itself. Read more of this post

The Deadly Combination

Communist – Islamist – Antisemitic.

Terms, leading unavoidably to death, to destruction, especially when put together. The undisputed Master in refining these arts, in covering them up behind religious hypocrisy and peace initiatives, is the Muslim Brotherhood (Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun), together with it’s numerous offshoot branches.
One of the most famous, rather infamous, of these branches is the Hamas, founded in Gaza to lead the Jihad against Jews, against real muslims, against everyone not in line Read more of this post

Israel unveils seized arms cache from cargo ship

ASHDOD, Israel — Rows of boxes, crates and containers filled with weapons stretched out on a dock Wednesday alongside a ship commandeered by Israel‘s navy, a display of what Israel said was a shipment of arms, some sophisticated, to Palestinian militants in Gaza.
Israel intercepted the ship Tuesday in international waters in the Mediterranean, saying it was carrying weapons sent by Iran via Syria. Israel says the advanced anti-ship missiles found on board could alter the region‘s balance of power by impeding its ability to enforce a naval blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. Read more of this post

Peaceful Missions – oder?

Im Mittleren Osten (für Europäer der Nahe Osten) tummeln sich schon lange, schon viel zu lange, Terroristen. Nicht politische, nicht soziale Ziele verfolgen sie. Sie wollen viel Macht, schnelles Geld, haben Freude am Töten. Einer der bekanntesten Terroristen-Chefs war Yasser Arafat. Der liberale Westen liebt solche Leute, je mehr Blut, desto besser. Als Top-Terrorist erhielt Arafat denn auch den Friedensnobelpreis.
Das Feld der Terroristen-Gruppen ist seit Jahren relativ konsolidiert. Im Libanon steht die Hezbollah, als einzige private Gruppe dort voll bewaffnet, bezieht Geld und Material hauptsächlich aus dem Iran. Dessen radikales Regime alle Wege nutzt, um den Erzfeind Israel angreifen zu können. Sogar ein toter Jude ist ein schlechter Jude, heißt es dort. Die Iraner profitieren davon, bereits Atomwaffen zu besitzen. Deshalb wagt sich niemand so richtig an sie heran; Carters unnötiges Teheran-Debakel lähmt schon viel zu lange. Read more of this post

Wheelchairs as well as weapons found on board aid ships

The array of equipment found on board the ships that made up the Gaza aid flotilla was as divergent as the flotilla’s stated aims.
On the one hand there was medical equipment aimed to help ease the suffering of Gaza’s sick and handicapped, and on the other there were knives, slingshots and night vision goggles, which indicate hostile goals.
Israeli military officials have said that the amount of goods found on the ships are a drop in the sea compared to the amount of goods that regularly pass into Gaza, and extrapolated that it indicates that transfer of humanitarian assistance was not the top priority of the flotilla’s organizers. Read more of this post

Hamas’s Ideological Crisis

Despite its success as the first Muslim Brotherhood organization to control and govern territory, and in part because of that success, Hamas today is under significant stress. In the West Bank, Hamas faces a severe security crackdown that has driven the movement underground. Read more of this post