Terra Incognita: The Turkish enigma

The cancellation of the participation of the »Mavi Marmara« in the Gaza flotilla and the mystery of what Turkey’s political elite is thinking.

Sometime this week, some 1,000 activists on one or two large Turkish ships accompanied by 15 other craft were to be making their way to Gaza. But they are nowhere on the horizon, although Israel has been preparing to prevent their breaking the blockade.
So what happened? Just a month ago, various »Free Gaza« blogs were ablaze with hopes for the latest flotilla. Gaza TV News and Freedomflotilla.eu both reported that the Turks were going to send not only the Mavi Marmara Read more of this post


Wheelchairs as well as weapons found on board aid ships

The array of equipment found on board the ships that made up the Gaza aid flotilla was as divergent as the flotilla’s stated aims.
On the one hand there was medical equipment aimed to help ease the suffering of Gaza’s sick and handicapped, and on the other there were knives, slingshots and night vision goggles, which indicate hostile goals.
Israeli military officials have said that the amount of goods found on the ships are a drop in the sea compared to the amount of goods that regularly pass into Gaza, and extrapolated that it indicates that transfer of humanitarian assistance was not the top priority of the flotilla’s organizers. Read more of this post