Obama orders: Scrap doctor–patient privacy, blame guns?

President Barack Obama signed 23 executive orders and launched a campaign to force Congress to renew the ban on so-called “assault weapons” and standard capacity ammunition magazines, igniting what will certainly be a showdown with the firearms community. Read more of this post


Open-Carry Experiment Shows Cops Don’t Know Their Own Gun Laws

It was late last week when gun-rights activist Mark Fiorino joined PW for a stroll around downtown Philly. The Montgomery County man, who was featured on the cover of yesterday’s Daily News for his stance on carrying pistols openly, walks down 15th Street toward Sansom, attracting nary a look.
Eventually, one man offers a double-take. The head turn probably has something to do with the fact that Fiorino’s belt contains an openly holstered firearm alongside his cell phone and keys. After all, Fiorino’s story hadn’t yet appeared in the Daily News, so his face wasn’t yet recognizeable. Read more of this post

Knock Knock

Two years after the ill-fated raid on the Branch Davidians, federal law enforcement is still out of control. Reforms are necessary to prevent further disasters.

If you can pass this simple test, you may be qualified to run federal government SWAT team. Read more of this post