Is Obama Botching Egypt?

Rumsfeld Slams Handling of Crisis and War on Terror

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld slammed Obama’s handling of Egypt during an interview with “The people that we’ve sent there to deal with the problem have not done a particularly skillful job in my view. It’s unfortunate,” he said. Read more of this post


Close ties between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration

The Egyptian magazine Rose El-Youssef published on December 22 that at least six Muslim Brotherhood operatives work closely with the Obama administration, enjoying strong influence over US policy. Sources of the report are not clear but it was clearly intended to raise the issue with Egyptian readers. Read more of this post

Fewer funds for Afghan forces means more war

What is the logic behind the Obama administration’s policy toward Afghanistan? On its face, it makes no sense.
In 2009, President Barack Obama ordered a major buildup of forces to counter alarming gains by the Taliban and the Haqqani network. The number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan increased from 34,000 when he took office to nearly 100,000 in 2010. To oversee the buildup he sent two top Army generals, Stanley McChrystal and then David Petraeus, to design and implement a comprehensive counterinsurgency plan that the president signed off on. Read more of this post

Libya: Obama’s Defense of the „Rebel Uprising“

Over the past two weeks Libya has been subjected to the most brutal imperial air, sea and land assault in its modern history. Thousands of bombs and missiles, launched from American and European submarines, warships and fighter planes, are destroying Libyan military bases, airports, roads, ports, oil depots, artillery emplacements, tanks, armored carriers, planes and troop concentrations. Dozens of CIA and SAS special forces have been training, advising and mapping targets for the so-called Libyan “rebels” engaged in a civil war against the Gaddafi government, its armed forces, popular militias and civilian supporters (NY Times 3/30/11).
Despite this massive military support and their imperial “allies” total control of Libya’s sky and coastline, the “rebels” have proven incapable of mobilizing village or town support and are in retreat after being confronted by the Libyan government’s highly motivated troops and village militias (Al Jazeera 3/30/11). Read more of this post