With ISIL surging in Iraq, Europe fears rise in “jihadi-tourists”

BERLIN — After being injured fighting the Syrian government, 31-year-old Mohannad reached his home in Frankfurt, Germany, with a simple plan: rest, recuperate, then rejoin the fight with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Read more of this post


Western Christians Are Out Fighting en Masse for Islam

For these converts to Islam, there is only Jihad, the war for heaven and for hell.

The latest video of Jihadist propaganda from Syria shows the black flag proclaiming allegiance to Allah and a man who calls himself Abu Abd Al-Rahman.
“I am French,” he says. His parents were baptised as Catholics – as was he – and they know him as Nicolas. He is a 30-year-old convert from a middle-class background in Toulouse, where four Jews were gunned down last year. His mother works for the French army. In the the video, Nicolas appears in military fatigues, a Kalashnikov rifle across his legs. Read more of this post

Obama Family Supports Terrorists

The Barack H. Obama Foundation (BHOF) was established in 2008 by Abon’go Malik Obama, the half-brother of U.S. President Barack Obama. Abon’go, a Kenyan-born Muslim with twelve wives, created the foundation in memory of his (and President Obama’s) biological father, Barack H. Obama (1936-82) of Nyan’goma Kogelo village in Kenya. For details about Abon’go Malik Obama’s ties to radical Islamists, terrorists, and the late Libyan dictator Muammar Qadhafi see footnote #1 below.[1] Read more of this post

Terroristen-Aufmarsch in Wien?

Staatssekretär Sebastian Kurz, umjubelter Polit-Neustarter, wäre für Integration zuständig. Davon merkte man in den letzten Jahren wenig, Kurz verzettelte sich in zahlreichen Nebensächlichkeiten. Integration blieb am Wegrand liegen.
Der Fehlschlag der Integration Read more of this post

Older Boston Suspect Made Two Trips to Dagestan, Visited Radical Mosque, Officials Say

Two years ago, while visiting his family in the Russian region of Dagestan, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the prime suspect in last week’s Boston Marathon bombings, was flagged as a potential extremist by Russian security services. The only evidence they had were his regular visits to a mosque that gets more than its share of attention from police. Since its construction in 2000, Read more of this post

Militant leader known for being brutal, cagey

He has many monikers. To some he is a one-eyed bandit. He’s also known as Mr. Marlboro, a reference to his years of cigarette smuggling across the border regions of the Sahara Desert.
Algerian jihadist Mokhtar Belmokhtar, 40, has been known Read more of this post

Europäische Union finanziert Terroristen

EU-Ratspräsident Herman Van Rompuy hatte letzten Sonntag der terroristischen Muslimbruderschaft eine Förderung von 5 Milliarden Euro versprochen, damit diese Organisation ihre Macht in Ägypten ausbauen kann. Read more of this post

Close ties between Muslim Brotherhood and Obama Administration

The Egyptian magazine Rose El-Youssef published on December 22 that at least six Muslim Brotherhood operatives work closely with the Obama administration, enjoying strong influence over US policy. Sources of the report are not clear but it was clearly intended to raise the issue with Egyptian readers. Read more of this post

Profile: Moeed Abdul Salam

Moeed Abdul Salam, a little-known American terror propagandist, was killed in Pakistan during the course of a raid on his apartment by Pakistani troops less than two months after Anwar Al-Awlaki and Samir Khan were killed in a U.S. drone strike in Yemen. Al-Awlaki and Khan, both American citizens, sought to radicalize and recruit westerners online. Read more of this post

NATO airstrike kills senior Taliban leader

KABUL – A NATO airstrike in eastern Afghanistan has killed a senior Pakistani Taliban leader, his deputy and about 10 other insurgents, the Western military said Saturday.
Mullah Dadullah, who led fighters based in Pakistan’s Bajaur tribal area, is considered an important figure in the insurgency, which operates on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan frontier. His presence in Afghanistan underscores the common phenomenon of Pakistan-based militants crossing the border to carry out attacks on coalition troops. Read more of this post

European Support for Hezbollah

BERLIN — As American officials sound the alarm over what they call a resurgent threat from the Shiite militant group Hezbollah, thousands of its members and supporters operate with few restrictions in Europe, raising money that is funneled to the group’s leadership in Lebanon. Read more of this post

Top Terrorists – Dead, Captured, and Wanted

As the one-year anniversary of Osama bin Laden’s death approaches, CNN has updated this list, originally published in September 2011, taking a look at some of the dead, captured and the remaining most wanted terrorists from the last 10 years.
While progress has been made, there are still terrorists being saught by the U.S. government. CNN spoke with a number of intelligence agencies to come up with this list of “dirty dozens.” Here are the 12 most significant terrorists who are now dead, have been captured and those who are still being hunted. The lists are obviously subjective–there are many more candidates–but these are some of the top combatants in the war on terror. Read more of this post

Double-faced Terrorists

With the exception of a number of political hardliners in the Western World, people know quite well already that the Muslim Brotherhood is the planet’s strongest and most sophisticated terror organization.
After long decades of bloody struggles, especially against islamic governments, the Muslim Brotherhood soared in 2011 to take over several states in Northern Africa. Tens of thousands of victims was the price of the Brotherhood’s home run to power. Read more of this post

How to Deal with Terrorists ?

The world is largely oblivious to what’s going on in North Africa and the Middle East .
Following the original uprising in Tunisia, lame and blind politicians in the West missed all that happened after it. Carelessly they assumed that the riots and fights in Egypt, Libya, and Syria were of the same kind. Just people asking for more democracy, for more freedom. Not so. Read more of this post

The Deadly Combination

Communist – Islamist – Antisemitic.

Terms, leading unavoidably to death, to destruction, especially when put together. The undisputed Master in refining these arts, in covering them up behind religious hypocrisy and peace initiatives, is the Muslim Brotherhood (Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun), together with it’s numerous offshoot branches.
One of the most famous, rather infamous, of these branches is the Hamas, founded in Gaza to lead the Jihad against Jews, against real muslims, against everyone not in line Read more of this post