Fanning the Flames of Waco

On April 19, 1993, 26 children were killed at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. Six years and one day later, 12 children were killed at Columbine High School. The Columbine murderers are dead, and the man who illegally supplied them a gun is facing a lengthy prison sentence. But those responsible for the deaths of the children at Waco remain at large.
If, as President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno claim, the federal government bears no responsibility for the deaths of the children at Waco, why has the federal government worked so hard, and with so much success until recently, to falsify the facts about what happened there? Read more of this post


Child Abuse at Waco

For the sake of the children,” has emerged as one of the most dangerous phrases in American politics. President Clinton has invoked children’s alleged dependence on the federal government not just for his putatively child-oriented programs (such as the misnamed Department of Education), but also for issues that have only a tenuous connection to children, such as his prohibition on semiautomatic firearms, or his terrorism proposals for greater wiretapping and for trials with secret evidence. The most ironic, however, of all the administration’s claims about its love for children is its persistent assertion that the BATF and FBI attacks on the home of the Branch Davidian children in Waco, Texas, were a noble effort to protect the children from child abuse.
And, it turns out, there really was a massive amount of child abuse at Waco, although not exactly as described by the government. Read more of this post

TEXAS Longhorns

2011 College Football Recruiting Class


Texas suffered an unusual poor season last year, finishing 5-7, as the offense struggled under first year QB Garrett Gilbert. Despite the poor showing of last season, the Longhorns have put together a top 5 recruiting class for 2011.
Head coach Mack Brown and his staff worked hard this off-season to rectify last season’s poor performance. RB Malcolm Brown is the top recruit with a five-star rating from Brown rushed for over 4,700 yards in his last two seasons at Steele High School.
In all, Texas signed 22 players on National Signing Day, 16 have a four- or five-star rating from the recruiting experts. Texas recruited five defensive backs and five offensive linemen to lead the positions signed.
Brown was the biggest signing for a team that has struggled running the ball for the last few seasons. Brown should see immediate playing time and help Texas get back to their winning ways.

(by Larry Seely)