Al-Jazeera America is the Muslim Brotherhood Channel

Al-Jazeera America“: The very name gives me the heebie-jeebies. What does Al-Jazeera have to do with America?
Everything, if the cheers and happy talk of the American press corps are any measure. Entranced, media critics have greeted the rollout of “AJA” as that of just another news company, not the propaganda arm of monied Qatari despots. Read more of this post


The Muslim Brotherhood’s Concept of Education

A controversial proposition is made by the Muslim Brotherhood and by others on its behalf. The claim is that the Brotherhood represents a moderate version of Islam and as such has a vital role to play in countering terrorism and extremist ideology. One of the principal ways in which the Brotherhood claims it is able to counter extremism is by offering religious education to those Muslims who are at-risk for radicalization. This is especially the case in Western countries, where the Brotherhood and its allies have sought to persuade authorities that they have far more credibility and influence with at-risk Muslim youth than any non-Muslim ever could, and that as Muslims, they know how best to deal with Islamist extremism by teaching Muslims properly about their religion. Read more of this post

The Politicization of American Islam

Since its inception, the Muslim Brotherhood has defined itself as the vanguard of a global Islamic revival. After starting out in Egypt in 1928, the Brotherhood had set up branches in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Morocco, Hyderabad (India), Hadramawt (Yemen) and Paris by 1937. The universality of the Brotherhood’s ideology and organization was described by its founder, Hassan al-Banna when he said:
»A Muslim individual, Muslim family, Muslim nation, Muslim government and Muslim state should be able to lead Islamic governments, should be able to unite the dispersed Muslims, should be able to regain their honor and superiority, and should be able to recover their lost lands, their usurped regions and their occupied territories. Then it should be able to raise the flag of Jihad and the call towards Allah until the entire world is benefited by the teachings of Islam.« Read more of this post